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Have one dream Create a better future - celebrate the 20th anniversary torin equipment factory and listed the tenth anniversary

The twenty years from 1997 to now, when headed by chairman zhen-jiang liu, under the guidance of the leading figures of torin equipment, great changes have taken place in the company from the development team to set up companies, borrow the group to the new factory from the extension to put into production, every change of deep record the development of the company in the startup stage from scratch. In 2003, the company is the "second venture" initial years, company development into the fast lane, in new product development, technical innovation, resource integration, enterprise management, and other aspects of full bloom. Company launched every year a large number of joint market demand of new products, to further expand overseas markets; Product structure by the medium to high-grade and high-grade professional market success. As torin group a collectivized management decision-making, torin toolbox under the leadership of the group company, give full play to their role as the general meeting of shareholders, board of directors powerful navigation, took to the track of standardization management. Torin toolbox into listed in September 2004 coach period, in September 2005, the company officially changed its name to jiangsu torin toolbox ark co., LTD., in September 2006 the company passed the listed counselling acceptance, on August 10, 2007, jiangsu torin toolbox cabinet co., LTD., officially listed in shenzhen stock exchange, as the first in the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises board listed for changshu of private enterprises.

As the world financial crisis in 2008, in the next few years the world economy, economic development plunged. Company as an export-oriented enterprise, facing huge challenge and test. In the face of difficulties and challenges, the company to emancipate the mind, forge ahead, looking for opportunities in the challenge, hard skills, the accumulation of energy, on the way of sustainable development. During this period, the company to set up an enterprise architecture, streamline production relations, clear business divisions, realized from a single business to diversified business, from a single manufacturing to industry and trade union, enrich the products of the company development, expand the scale of operation, the company further strengthen the comprehensive strength. In June 2010, the company changed its name to jiangsu torin equipment technology co., LTD., through merger and acquisition, investment in new and mechanism innovation, steady development, set up a new location and the sea concerns two production base, established the toolbox ark and two main electric switch equipment, formed the longteng plant area, the sea runs the plant, electrical appliance factory, company (hereafter called sacsc), five major parts of operation pattern of Sirius import and export company, initially formed the development of the small group management framework. Torin always follow the market cutting-edge technology, in the way of innovation. Management innovation, mechanism innovation, technology innovation, and become a driving force of the enterprise sustainable development.

In the 20 years, the enterprise economic benefit is rising, greatly improve employees live and work environment, enterprise cohesion and fighting capacity increasing employees, deepen brand image. Back to 20 years of history, will always inspire us is full of infinite energy torin spirit, that is not afraid of hard struggle spirit, the continuous development of innovative spirit, pragmatic and fine scientific spirit, based on the spirit of competition of the world. Looking back, we are deeply touched, along the way, we harvest the rich fruits of hard work, also tasted the suffer setbacks suantiankula. Looking to the future, our unity is strength, we will be more firm confidence and fearless courage, to carry out a new round of fighting.

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