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TRW1 Universal breaker series

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TRW1 Universal breaker series - Detailed

TRW1 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker is primarily installed  in the low-voltage distribution cabinet as main switch used to control and  protect the network. Its technical performance has reached the international  advanced level of similar products in the nineties. The product is in  accordance with IEC60947-2, GB14048.2 Low-voltage Circuit Breakers standards.
Conditions of use:
The ambient air temperature is -5℃~+40℃, the 24h average value is not  more than +35℃(except special orders)
The altitude in the installation site is not more than 2000m.
Air relative humidity is not more than 50%. when the highest temperature is  +40℃; There will be higher relative humidity at lower temperature, the  lowest monthly average temperature of the most humid month is not over +25℃,  the maxim relative humidity of this month is not over 90% and the  condensation on the surface of the product generated by the change of  temperature should be considered;
Pollution class is 3
Construction features
● Contact system
Each phase contact is installed in a small insulation room. Contact system  adopts a multi-chip parallel form of contact structure, which reduces the  inertia of contact system and ensures the high breaking capacity of circuit  breaker.
● Operating mechanism
It is installed in the centre of circuit breaker and separated with main  circuit; circuit breaker went on closure operation by a spring energy storage  bodies with rapid closure speed. Both electric and manual of operating  mechanism stored energy, closed, disconnect. Operating mechanism has both  electric and manual accumulation of energy, closure and disconnection.
● All accessories are universally used in whole series.
● Drawer seat
Beams on the handle under shaking drawer can achieve the three working  positions of circuit breaker (there is position indicator beside handle);
● Connection location: when main circuit and secondary circuit are both  connected, isolation plate opens.
● Test location: disconnect main circuit, closed and separated by  insulated isolation plate, only connect secondary circuit. Necessary action  testing can be carried out.
● Separation location: when main circuit and secondary circuit are both  disconnected, isolation board is closed.
● Drawer-type circuit breaker has a reliable mechanical interlock device,  only in connection location and test location, it can close circuit breaker.
● Circuit breaker has 47 secondary circuit wiring terminals.
● Drawer-type circuit breakers with same rated current (including  noumenon and drawer block) have interchangeability.
Intelligent Controller:
Intelligent Controller can be classified into the following three kinds:  E-type, standard type, and communication type.
● Basic functions
Overload long time delay inverse-time protection; short circuit short time  delay inverse-time protection; short circuit short time delay specified time  protection; short circuit transient protection; earth fault protection  function; setting function; overload alarm function; test function; current  display function; self-diagnosis function; thermal simulation function; fault  memory function; contact damage direction; MCR function.
● Select function (choose when the customers order according to demands)
Voltage showing function; load monitoring function
● Communication Controller achieves two-way transmission of all function  parameters via RS485, communication protocol is in accordance with the  corporate regulations or consulted by users and enterprises.

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