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TRVS1 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker series

TRVS1 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker series - Downloads
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TRVS1 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker series - Detailed
TRVS1 series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a new  generation high-voltage electrical products, applying for AC 50Hz, rated  voltage7.2kV and 24KV and in the electrical network with the functions of  control and protection, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises,  transformer substation and other places.
● Circuit breaker has fixed style and handcart type
● Circuit breaker can be installed on KYN28, KYN44A switch cabinet or be  matched to put in other armored mid cabinet
● Circuit breaker for reclosing operation, and can be applied to  operation place frequently.
Executive standards
IEC60694:1996,GB/T11022-1999 High-voltage Switchgear and Control  Equipment Standards for Common Technical Requirements
IEC62271-100:2001,GB1984-2003 High-voltage AC circuit breaker
JB3855-1996 3.6Kv~40.5Kv Indoor AC High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
DL/T403-2000 12Kv~40.5Kv High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Ordering  Technical Conditions
DL/T615-1997 AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker Parameter Selection  Guidelines
Normal working environment and installation conditions
● Altitude is not more than 1000m
● Ambient temperature: +40℃~-5℃, and the measured average values  during 24 hours does not exceed 35 ℃
● Relative humidity: daily maximum average is not over 95%, the monthly  maximum average is not over 90%;
● Ambient air is not evidently polluted by dust, fume, corrosiveness  and/or flammable gas, vapor and salt fog.
● External vibration or ground motion from switchgear and control  equipment can be ignored;
● The inductive crest value of electromagnetic interference during the  secondary system should not exceed 1.6kV.
Structural features:
New TRVS1 mechanism is based on the original VS1 mechanism, refers to the  design of the mechanism of foreign products such as VD4、VB2, and combines  the existing problems found in use to improve a new kind of mechanism. It is  more suitable for the domestic service conditions, and the advantages  different from traditional VS1 lie in:
● Simplified design is done to the traditional double-reed mechanism. Avoid the accumulated errors caused by the complicated parts, make anew and  reasonable layout to improve the reliability of the use of mechanism.
● Unique Tripping System with the original tripping of first level  changing to second level improves the stability of the tripping, and greatly  reduces the tripping force so as to reduce the fault probability of the  internal originals of mechanism such as sensitive switch, auxiliary switch  and other components.
● Adopting modular construction of single spring to reduce the chances of  bounce of the closing grippers and avoid the problem of out of step of the  two switchingin reeds of the original double-reed mechanism when switching  in.
● Reduce the power of switchingin under the premises that the switchingin  is ensured to be reliable to greatly improve the operation life of all parts  of mechanism.
● Change traditional VS1 chain drive mechanism to the gear drive  mechanism  to make the electric energy storage more reliable, move stably and  reduce  noises.

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